Recipes from Zamboanga City

Visit Zamboanga City and almost everyone tells you not to miss tasting the famous Curacha,
a hybrid crustacean that bears resemblance to the sea crab and a spiny lobster.
The name means “cockroach” in Chavacano, maybe because of its appearance.
But don’t let that unappetizing translation dissuade you from sampling this tasty crustacean, which is caught only in the seas of Zamboanga and Sulu.

1. Curacha crab cakes with white sauce

Mix curacha meat, 2 cups bread crumbs,onion, knorr seasoning in a large bowl til well combined.
stir ladys choice bacon spread,mustard,lemon juice and grated lemon rind.season with salt and pepper.stir egg to bind.
form mixture 4 inch thick patties,place remaining bread crumbs on a plate.coat curacha meat cakes with bread crumbs.
refrigerate for at least 30 mins.
in a large pan,over medium heat with 2 tbsp.oil cook the meat cakes until golden browned about 3 mins.
for the white sauce,heat oil in a pan add garlic saute for 1 minute,
add mayonaise nestle cream,orange juice sugar,calamansi juice and curry powder mix well until smooth.
serve hot with white sauce.

2. Curacha chowder

Crack curacha and remove meat,dice curacha meat.put curacha shells in saucepan and add cold water,
Bring to a boil,cover and boil for 10 mins. strain off and save liquid,discard shells.
Put milk,nestle cream,bay leaf,italian spice,peppercorn in saucepan and bring to boil strain and return to pan.
cream butter,soda biscuit crumbs together in a small bowl.
add a little of hot mixture blending well,then stir back into milk mixture add liquid from curacha shell bring to boil again.
season with salt and ginisa mix.
beat eggyolks add a litlle of the hot mixture gradually,stirring constantly,add curacha meat and serve immediately.

3. Beef Macaroni

Heat oil in a large pan add  ground beef,cook and stir until browned.
add onion,garlic,and cooked macaroni,stir then add green and red bell pepper,tomatoes sauce or catsup,salt,ginisa mix and soy sauce.
bring to boil,turn down heat,cover and simmer for about 10 min stir several times during and add a little water if necessary,
to keep from sticking.
serve with melted cheese.

4. lao-uy

Add ginger and onion to boiling hugas bigas and simmer for 3 minutes add string beans,
okra,talong.string beans and shrimpsor dried fish.
season with salt and maggi magic sarap cook until half done.
Add  alugbati,malunggay,saluyot.cover and simmer for 30 seconds.serve hot.

5. Mushroom afritada

Saute garlic,onion and meat cut in  cubes,cook until browned,pour the tomato sauce,soy sauce and water bring to boil,add the laurel leaves,
mushroom meat flaked,potatoes,carrot and red/green pepper.add chili sauce for spicy afritada  then mix in cornstarch and green peas add ginisa mix,
cook until tender,serve hot.

6.Adobong Tahong

Sauté garlic,onions,ginger and then add the tahong. Cover and let stand for 5 minutes.
Add soy sauce, vinegar, and pepper,ginisa mix and a little coke. boil and simmer until thetahong shells are opened.
Continue cooking until little sauce is left and done.

These recipes are from my beautiful and talented sister annalisa. She is cooking this original zamboanga recipes with a twist! For me – Truly this recipes are Certified Rapsa! So the next time you visit zamboanga – ask for this scrumptious food- it’s a taste of  Heaven here on earth….


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